jenna hampton


Working with Marketing professionals for the past 10 years I have been involved in many aspects of the branding process. From creating a brand story, to researching buyer personas, my designs (logos, re-brands, websites) are crafted with special attention to target markets and client's expectations.

Web Development

I started as a designer specializing in website design and implementation, coding all of my first designs by hand. I know the tools of the trade and am well versed in HTML5/ CSS3 specifications as well as Javascript/Jquery. I have used Wordpress extensively cutomizing themes to give unique design experiences.

Graphic Design

The blanket statement. When all is said and done, my web design career parlayed in to needs for assets of every kind. I have created most forms of print ranging from 800 page book design proposals to magazine ads, business cards, flyers and even packaging. I love it all!

My Work

I plan. I create. I implement.
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Professional Skills

Senior Designer specializing in web design with front-end development
About Me
I'm Jenna. I'm a Designer. That's my family.

I'm a senior designer with 10 years of professional experience. I remain passionate about web technology while continuing to enjoy the dance between all parts of graphic design. I can use all major software.


What People Say

Working relationships with real people.
At Work
Julie Turcotte
Julie worked with Jenna in the same group

“Jenna has been a great mentor to me professionally. She has taught me a great deal about web design, coding, style and typography. She's very cutting edge and knowledgeable regarding the latest design trends and web technologies. Being a hard worker and diligent problem solver makes her an excellent asset in the field.”

Gentry Baumline-Robinson
Gentry worked with Jenna in the same group

“Jenna is a pheonomenal creative, but what is most impressive is her creativity combined with a keen marketing mind that elevates the quality of her work and others around her. Such a rare find. She helps to make my role easier when surrounded by such talent.”

Bill Gallagher
Bill managed Jenna directly

“Jenna Hampton is the type of designer who doesn’t just study quality design; she lives it, breathes it, bleeds it. Her striving for perfection is infectious and it doesn’t take long for her co-workers to take notice and bring their game to the next level. You can count on her to get it right, with passion and determination. She will always find solutions to any complex challenge, usually on her own. Because of this, her solutions are often unique and unexpected. ”