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Html prototype Branding and Website Design Overview Create a website design and build -HTML/CSS/Jquery- complete with logo for the online sale of Quinceanera invitations. Challenge There was no market research provided, and a tight deadline of two weeks. Solution A “paper doll” like design catering to frivolity of young girls before they enter adulthood.The… Read more »

Infiniti Mailer

Infiniti Postcard Mailer

Infiniti Mailer Overview Create mail for leasing options. Challenge Infiniti brand standards are inflexible with regards to creative freedom. Solution Tessellated background to emphasize the “Trade Up. Spend Smart” with an equally smart design. Plus I LOVE triangles. Website Design Website Design Overview Design and build a marketing website to support a new brand selling postcard collateral for business. Solution Straightforward solution incorporating and influenced by the supplied brand graphics.

Everfunds Logo

Everfunds Logo

Everfunds Logo and Business Card Design Overview Create a logo that embodies 4 specific targets for a fund raising business: Education, Church, Sports, Non-Profit. Solution “When in doubt line it out.” Drew custom icon like representation and gave each one its own color to make creating target specific collateral in the future straightforward.