Monthly Archives: March 2013 re-design Branding and Website Design Overview To design a “web presence” that ┬ásimultaneously aligned itself with the company’s desire for re-branding. I also created the HTML/CSS for my completed design. Challenge To directly influence the new brand without creating a typical corporate style content/keyword driven website. Solution I chose to use characters representing an online… Read more »

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View Experiment Fullscreen Background Experiment Overview I was enthralled with this full screen jquery background plug-in for a bit Challenge I found an impulse to take iphone videos with the intention of putting them in Flash and exporting them as image sequences, for the thrill of seeing what they looked like used with this plug-in…. Read more » Re-Design Logo and Website Re-Branding Overview A re-brand of the company’s personalized gift wrap E-commerce site, complete with an updated logo. Challenge To make the idea of personalized gift wrap trendy. Solution Clean lines with a “torn in to” customer perspective. The site design has been altered under new direction but the “bones” of my… Read more » Website Design Branding and Website Design Overview Design and brand a site for selling customized printed stationery and wrapping paper aimed at corporations and companies. Challenge A direct reference to a gift within the logo was part of the requirements. Creating a site for salespeople to bounce off of with ideas was also within the scope…. Read more » Blog Header Blog Header Design

Expressionables Blog Header Overview Create a blog presence around a new brand. Solution I made a line drawing to reflect the idea of expression found in nature, as it related directly to the brand’s logo.