Hailing from “The World’s Most Famous Beach” I am Jenna Hampton. Been here on earth for a bit, no clue what was up before this. I grew up up in Daytona Beach Florida strangely curious and aware of beachside shops and signage. This has not parlayed in to any major art installation…Teal or orange almost always seem like a great place to start any color palette…COINCIDENCE?…(there are no coincidences.)

I am the daughter of a third generation civil engineer and I grew up interested in pursuing something similar. I attended Savannah College of Art and Design for 3 years as an Architecture major before deciding I needed to make obscure art-type films. I came out of four added years of debauchery – I mean film-making – with a Bachelors in Film from UCF. If this really interests you can view my senior project shot on 16mm color reversal at an ancient YouTube channel.(Didn’t upload it or write the description – just in case you want to judge me.)

After getting my degree I ended up taking some courses in web design for fun. It became my passion – I love to design, build, communicate, then destroy what I have created and start over. It was (and still IS) a perfect fit.

Steven Brody Stevens. He is endlessly inspirational to me. To know him, is to love me.

My latest personal project is a neon Abraham Lincoln patchwork quilt I am sewing, ask and I’ll show you.

You can make me official here.  That’s just my CV.