Employed to create a logo and front-end design/build for a local business focused on bicycle sharing. All transactions would occur from a mobile device.


Because the website URL had to be present in the logo I wanted to find an inventive solution avoiding a simple type treatment. I was excited about exploring the JQuery Mobile framework for the front-end design. The biggest challenge with using JQuery Mobile was the ajax requests running in tandem with Perl script. The owner has sense abandoned the idea and unfortunately the site is not live and I am in the process of acquiring my part of the work for a live demo.


I began to look at minimal bicycle forms exploring where and how I could incorporate the letter forms to create a bike.Turning off the Ajax functionality which was responsible for the smooth animations between steps was the only solid solution because of the way the transaction was being handled. If I were to use the framework again I would request that I work alongside the programmer for a solution that allowed for the ajax/JQuery transitions as they are the most  fun part of the framework.