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Fullscreen Background Experiment


I was enthralled with this full screen jquery background plug-in for a bit


I found an impulse to take iphone videos with the intention of putting them in Flash and exporting them as image sequences, for the thrill of seeing what they looked like used with this plug-in.


Water, earth, air, and fire (and crazy). In hindsight I would now just try out one of those fancy fullscreen video backgrounds the kids are using and see how messed up I could make that look. I don’t know maybe I’d take an action sequence with a still camera, develop, scan them in, and create a video…just saying.

NOTE this loads in like 30 secs at avg. down stream speed because I preloaded every image so you/I could see the effect…”seamlessly”. This was just something I did for fun, kind of like making a quilt, I’m in to that too.