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Produce Barn Website

Produce Barn Website Design

Visit Site Produce Barn Website Design Overview Designed and created a website for a small grocer and deli business. Challenge Creating a fresh look for a small store that retained the stores country charm. Solution I was influenced by vintage grocery adds, being that the store opened in 1978. I kept it direct highlighting the… Read more »

Direct Marketing Mobile Site Re-Design

Direct Marketing Mobile Site Re-Design Overview Asked to create a new version of an existing Mobile site in a day long sprint. Challenge Although I prefer responsive design to standalone mobile sites, I agreed to rework the site. It was to be a direct marketing hi-fi prototype using most of the existing site’s content. Solution… Read more »

Visit Site Website Design Overview Employed to create a website for a local realtor. Challenge The client requested a WordPress site. There was quite a bit of research to find the best combination of a plug-in for the mls property search that accessed her mls and allowed for customization of the search form and… Read more »

Css Off Code Entry

Css Off 2013 Code Entry

Click Device to view live responsive content choreography. Supplied Design Css Off Code Entry Overview CSS Off yearly code competition Challenge A “Best Choice” CSS/HTML5 design CHALLENGE. Solution I made some old fashioned CSS gorilla style without the use of one of the popular CSS pre-processors. Although, I am not opposed to and have used… Read more »

Raven Sun Creative Website

Raven Sun Creative Website Design

Visit Site Raven Sun Creative Website Design Overview Employed to create a website with enough flexibility to have a Chinese version. Challenge Finding a solution that would allow me to most easily create a Chinese version of the same site without the use of a language plug-in. Raven Sun Creative has an in-house translator and… Read more » Overview Employed to create a logo and front-end design/build for a local business focused on bicycle sharing. All transactions would occur from a mobile device. Challenge Because the website URL had to be present in the logo I wanted to find an inventive solution avoiding a simple type treatment. I was excited about exploring… Read more »

Biketoberfest Logo

21st annual Biketoberfest Logo

Biketoberfest Logo Overview Create a logo for the annual “Biketoberfest” celebration in Daytona Beach, Florida. The event was created to draw tourists to Daytona bi-anualy in conjunction with the popular Daytona Beach Bikeweek. Challenge Creating a logo that avoided the use of flames, skulls, eagles, and tribal decoration commonly seen in “biker” related logos and… Read more »

Infiniti Email

Infiniti First Reminder Responsive Email Design

Infiniti Respsonsive Email Overview Create the common “First Reminder” email for Infiniti owners sent by the dealer from which their car was purchased. An alternate mobile content flow was necessary. Challenge Infiniti brand standards are restrictive with regards to creative freedom. Solution Infiniti photography COULD be manipulated, I kept it classic but created a tesselated… Read more » re-design Branding and Website Design Overview To design a “web presence” that ┬ásimultaneously aligned itself with the company’s desire for re-branding. I also created the HTML/CSS for my completed design. Challenge To directly influence the new brand without creating a typical corporate style content/keyword driven website. Solution I chose to use characters representing an online… Read more »

Fullscreen Background

Full Screen Background Plug-In Experiment1

View Experiment Fullscreen Background Experiment Overview I was enthralled with this full screen jquery background plug-in for a bit Challenge I found an impulse to take iphone videos with the intention of putting them in Flash and exporting them as image sequences, for the thrill of seeing what they looked like used with this plug-in…. Read more » Re-Design Logo and Website Re-Branding Overview A re-brand of the company’s personalized gift wrap E-commerce site, complete with an updated logo. Challenge To make the idea of personalized gift wrap trendy. Solution Clean lines with a “torn in to” customer perspective. The site design has been altered under new direction but the “bones” of my… Read more » Website Design Branding and Website Design Overview Design and brand a site for selling customized printed stationery and wrapping paper aimed at corporations and companies. Challenge A direct reference to a gift within the logo was part of the requirements. Creating a site for salespeople to bounce off of with ideas was also within the scope…. Read more » Blog Header Blog Header Design

Expressionables Blog Header Overview Create a blog presence around a new brand. Solution I made a line drawing to reflect the idea of expression found in nature, as it related directly to the brand’s logo. Website Design

Html prototype Branding and Website Design Overview Create a website design and build -HTML/CSS/Jquery- complete with logo for the online sale of Quinceanera invitations. Challenge There was no market research provided, and a tight deadline of two weeks. Solution A “paper doll” like design catering to frivolity of young girls before they enter adulthood.The… Read more »

Infiniti Mailer

Infiniti Postcard Mailer

Infiniti Mailer Overview Create mail for leasing options. Challenge Infiniti brand standards are inflexible with regards to creative freedom. Solution Tessellated background to emphasize the “Trade Up. Spend Smart” with an equally smart design. Plus I LOVE triangles. Website Design Website Design Overview Design and build a marketing website to support a new brand selling postcard collateral for business. Solution Straightforward solution incorporating and influenced by the supplied brand graphics.

Everfunds Logo

Everfunds Logo

Everfunds Logo and Business Card Design Overview Create a logo that embodies 4 specific targets for a fund raising business: Education, Church, Sports, Non-Profit. Solution “When in doubt line it out.” Drew custom icon like representation and gave each one its own color to make creating target specific collateral in the future straightforward.

Skatescapes Logo

Skate Scapes

Skatescapes Logo Design Overview A logo for a business that does landscaping design with skateboarding features in mind Solution Plan view of pool and tree influenced shape with modern color palette and font treatment. Website Design Website Design Overview Design and build -HTML/CSS/Jquery- a website in alignment with the branding of a business to consumer personalized printing offering. Solution I let the angular nature of the logo’s font drive parts of the design, contrasted with rounded web features. Customized a Jquery slider to showcase products and played around with rollovers… Read more » Website Design

Visit Site Logo and Website Design Overview Design and build -HTML/CSS/Flash- a site to sell personalized birthday invitations. Solution Kept the logo simple and clean to directly reflect the nature of an E-commerce driven brand. Implemented an xml driven Flash plug-in.


Work In Progress

WIP Overview No overview necessary, no really I’m Photoshop collaging my rendition of creationism. Challenge To continue to re-create at this caliber continuously Solution That chair should be white for sure along with the ladders I’m working on it. Stay tuned!

Holiday Card

Holiday Card Design

Holiday Card Overview Create a Holiday Card to drive people to a tech company’s personalized holiday microsite. Challenge To keep a technical edge while remaining unique Solution I found a techno style font and illustrated using clean white gradients over top to emulate the gloss of holiday decoration.

Direct Marketing Microsite

Community Engagement Mobile and MicrositeDesign

Community Engagement Microsite Design Overview Create a mobile-first microsite designed for a community based coupon program. Challenge Making coupons easily accessible and compelling to access. Solution “Form following function” approach to a design accessible over multiple devices. Kept distractions to a minimum and color palette soft and engaging.

Space Deco

Spave Deco Illustrator Experiment

Space Deco Challenge To do something never been done before with Illustrator’s extrude and rotate. Solution Don’t ever try and do this with Illustrator’s extrude and rotate.

Back2Basics Microsite

DmeDelivers.b2b Microsite Design

Back2Basics Microsite Design Overview Create a one page site promoting easy sign up for a new business to consumer postcard program. Challenge Creating something informative and interesting that was basically just a web-form sign up. Solution Emphasized the objective by placing the form inside a piece of mail coming out of a mailbox intended to… Read more »

Actionscript 2.0 Drawing

Actionscript 2.0 Drawing Class Experiment

  Actionscript 2.0 Drawing Class Overview Wanted to challenge myself by creating an etch a sketch letter design and then animating it. It was just an experiment for fun. Solution Found an implemented an Actionscript 2.0 drawing class to animate my lines based on plotting points through the code.

Actionscript 3.0 Sound

ActionScript 3.0 Sound Class Experiment

Actionscript 3.0 Sound Overview Wanted to experiment with the Actionscript 3.0 sound class and blur filters. Solution Created this little player and modified filters until I liked how it looked, tried different songs, fun times! Website Design Website Design Overview This was a wedding gift for a good friend. Challenge Making something for a friend who has no idea what they want. Solution Chose a celery color and made my focus more around content. Wanted the site to remain more informational and clean as it was originally supposed to be implemented… Read more »