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Biketoberfest Logo

21st annual Biketoberfest Logo

Biketoberfest Logo Overview Create a logo for the annual “Biketoberfest” celebration in Daytona Beach, Florida. The event was created to draw tourists to Daytona bi-anualy in conjunction with the popular Daytona Beach Bikeweek. Challenge Creating a logo that avoided the use of flames, skulls, eagles, and tribal decoration commonly seen in “biker” related logos and… Read more » Blog Header Blog Header Design

Expressionables Blog Header Overview Create a blog presence around a new brand. Solution I made a line drawing to reflect the idea of expression found in nature, as it related directly to the brand’s logo.

Infiniti Mailer

Infiniti Postcard Mailer

Infiniti Mailer Overview Create mail for leasing options. Challenge Infiniti brand standards are inflexible with regards to creative freedom. Solution Tessellated background to emphasize the “Trade Up. Spend Smart” with an equally smart design. Plus I LOVE triangles.

Everfunds Logo

Everfunds Logo

Everfunds Logo and Business Card Design Overview Create a logo that embodies 4 specific targets for a fund raising business: Education, Church, Sports, Non-Profit. Solution “When in doubt line it out.” Drew custom icon like representation and gave each one its own color to make creating target specific collateral in the future straightforward.

Skatescapes Logo

Skate Scapes

Skatescapes Logo Design Overview A logo for a business that does landscaping design with skateboarding features in mind Solution Plan view of pool and tree influenced shape with modern color palette and font treatment.


Work In Progress

WIP Overview No overview necessary, no really I’m Photoshop collaging my rendition of creationism. Challenge To continue to re-create at this caliber continuously Solution That chair should be white for sure along with the ladders I’m working on it. Stay tuned!

Holiday Card

Holiday Card Design

Holiday Card Overview Create a Holiday Card to drive people to a tech company’s personalized holiday microsite. Challenge To keep a technical edge while remaining unique Solution I found a techno style font and illustrated using clean white gradients over top to emulate the gloss of holiday decoration.

Space Deco

Spave Deco Illustrator Experiment

Space Deco Challenge To do something never been done before with Illustrator’s extrude and rotate. Solution Don’t ever try and do this with Illustrator’s extrude and rotate.